Marko Monev (1939 – 2004)

A Street in the Old Town, 1992 Oil on canvas; 38 х 44 cm

Marko Monev was born on January 21, 1939 in Gostilya village, near Pleven town. After the Socialist Revolution of September 9, 1944, he lived with his parents in Dimitrovgrad town and in 1959 the family moved to the town of Ruse. There Marko Monev enrolled in the painting course of Dimitar Atanasov. In 1962 he decided to devote himself to art and became a freelance artist. In 1964 his works were featured in a regional exhibition for the first time.

As a master of landscapes, three major motifs stand out in his work – the water (the Danube River and the sea), the town (the town of Ruse with its ancient architecture, Paris, Saint Petersburg), as well as rural motifs and natural sceneries.