Haralampi Iliev (1873 – 1955)

Harvest Time, 1927 Oil on canvas, 120 Х 147 cm

Haralampi Iliev was born on January 19, 1873 in Vidin town. He graduated from the Prague Academy of Arts in Prof. Julius Mařák’s class. Iliev worked as an art teacher in Kyustendil town and Sofia city; he also taught in the Military School in Sofia.

His works were first exhibited in Bulgaria in 1898 at the 3rd exhibition of the Society for Supporting the Art in Bulgaria. His 1898 work City was among the first examples of panoramic art in the Bulgarian painting. He was a member of the Contemporary Art Association since 1903 and took part in the Association’s exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, including Saint Louis in 1904, Liège in 1905 and Prague in 1926.