By UBB's Management

In 2017, when United Bulgarian Bank celebrates its 25th anniversary, the broad public will have the chance to see the bank in a different light, as focus is now on our collection of works of art and the UN/NOTED exhibition.

The collected works that UBB proudly presents are an integral component of the Bank’s image as a financial institution with long-lasting traditions in support of Bulgarian history, way of living and culture.

Our collection is the living history of the banking business in Bulgaria – apart from artistic works it also contains valuable documents and artefacts of Bulgarian banking, such as mechanical calculators, coin scales, unique typewriters, wall clocks, furniture, belonging to signature personalities of Bulgaria’s financial history, like Atanas Burov, etc.

We have gone a long way to arrive at our collection – from the idea’s birth till its public presentation. It is a fruit, borne by the public’s involvement in the project and the subsequent efforts of many UBB employees. This collection is also equivalent to a treasure – for the whole society and for us, as over a quarter of a century now the Bank’s employees have been unflinchingly abiding by their duties not only as bankers, but also as members of our society, responsible for the safekeeping and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage.

UN/NOTED exhibition started its new journey from Plovdiv town, the 2019 European Capital of Culture, with 14 stopovers across Bulgaria, in the hometowns of the exhibited artists and their works.

UN/NOTED exhibits known artists and their unknown paintings, while also presenting famous bankers in a slightly different light – as connoisseurs and guardians of Bulgarian cultural and artistic heritage for us today, as well as for our descendants over the years to come.

You can find more about United Bulgarian Bank on www.ubb.bg