General Terms for using the website

I. General Provisions

The website (hereinafter referred to as the „Website“) is a virtual gallery, owned by and administered by United Bulgarian Bank AD, Company ID number 000694959, with registered office and head office address in Sofia City, postal code 1040, Vazrazhdane region, 5 Sveta Sofia Str. (hereinafter referred to as the „Bank“).

Please, read carefully the General Terms before using the Website.

By using the Website, you consent to the present terms and commit to abide by those. The Bank shall be entitled to alter the present terms, as the amendments shall enter into force immediately after their publishing on the Website, unless otherwise specified. Please, check this website regularly for possible changes in the terms of use.

II. Copyright

All materials, published on the Website, shall be subject to copyright. You shall not be entitled to distribute, copy, relay, exhibit, re-create, reproduce, publish, transfer, sell or use in any other way whatsoever the Website’s content without the Bank’s preliminary explicit permission in writing.

III. Collecting and processing of information

By using the Website, you provide your explicit consent to the Bank’s collecting and processing of the information, provided by you, through which you are being identified or could be identified by an ID number or by one or more specific features – details, representing personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act. The Bank shall process your particulars in order for us to better understand your needs and wishes, and respectively to provide the information you request. The Bank may provide a third party with summarized data about the Website’s visitors or users, in a form, non-allowing for identification of the latter. In some cases, upon connecting to it, the Website may automatically collect technical, non-private information (i.e.: information on the operating system and the internet browser’s type, etc.).

IV. Lawful use of the Website

The Website’s use in a way that impedes the other users, violates their rights, or otherwise interrupts the website’s proper functioning, or exerts adverse impact on the presented information and/or the software, which controls its functioning, as well as any other use in violation of the applicable legislation, shall be strictly forbidden.

V. Miscellaneous

To all issues, not provided for by these General Terms, the provisions of the Republic of Bulgaria’s effective legislation shall apply.