Vessela Christova-Radoeva (Exhibition`s Curator)

The more dissimilar painters are – as talent is a unique phenomenon, subjects and themes, as well as palette preferences spring from emotional tuning, personal insight and self-estimate – the more multifaceted and incomparable art collections are. Especially when shaped by either personalities or institutions, non-striving to professionally explore art history as to its chronological and style diversity.

A specific example to this end stands the collection of United Bulgarian Bank. The paintings in it were bought, in most cases, to decorate banking halls and the offices of the respective managers. Most frequently selection was prompted by personal contacts with certain painters and a private judgment of a painting’s aptness. Quite often artists were born and worked in the same town and their paintings – mostly landscapes – recreated typical local perspectives.

Established in 1992, United Bulgarian Bank is the largest financial consolidation project, realized via the merge of 22 commercial banks with a wide branch network throughout the country. Thus, UBB not only grew into their institutional successor, but also an inheritor of a tradition in the disposition to art, manifested in assuming the good care of artists’ works, collected over time and expanding their number up to a fund of 225 art pieces, distributed, based on expert appraisals, into three categories – gold, silver and bronze.

When does a totality of paintings become a selection? When does a selection become a collection? What is a corporate collection’s worth? UN/NOTED exhibition gives answers to all these questions as it is a product of continuous research, systematic approach and care for the good condition of the paintings and graphics held.

The exhibition displays Gold Fund artists, whose names are well-known to art experts and the broader public. Still in the shadow are the works themselves. That’s the idea behind their public presentation – to add a new touch to the proactive corporate social responsibility of United Bulgarian Bank in support of Bulgarian culture and arts.

UN/NOTED part of UBB’s Gold Fund collection

The valuation of the artworksand their texts are prepared by:Bistra Rangelova and Vessela Christova-Radoeva Exhibition’s

Curator: Vessela Christova-Radoeva