UBB with an original exhibition during NIGHT/Plovdiv 2017

In its unique exhibition Inside UBB’s Vault the Bank discloses, for the very first time, all valuable antiques from its Fund. In partnership with Plovdiv Regional History Museum and NIGHT/Plovdiv 2017 Festival this year UBB opens its vault for the wider public. The event is the highlights of NIGHT/Plovdiv 2017 and is organized in celebration of UBB’s 25th anniversary. Entrance is free.

UBB’s rich collection of items and documents will be exhibited in a new, unopened up to now museum wing, starting 15th September, till 14th October. The exhibition will be hosted in three halls, replica of a Manager’s office, a Banking hall and a Vault that will tell, in a captivating manner, the history of banking in Bulgaria.

“The exhibited valuables add moments to UBB history, extending over a quarter of a century. Most probably the majority of people would imagine gold bullions, however it is quite different with us – old typewriters and mechanical calculators, wall clocks, stamps, gold scales, a desk etc., all these are extremely precious to us as they have been confided to the Bank and successfully preserved by now”, Ms. Anka Kostova, PR and Sponsorship Manager at UBB, commented.

Among the oldest pieces that UBB will exhibit to the audience of THE NIGHT and the residents of Plovdiv are an Austrian violin, made in 1850 by Wilhelm Ruprecht, a luthier craftsman, one of the first Mercedes-branded typewriters (Y1910), an Astra calculator, dating back to the first decades of the 20th century, a radio and a gramophone of mid 20 century, as well as a portable computer, designed in 1990.

Inside UBB’s Vault is a sequel to the touring exhibition UN/NOTED, showcased by UBB during the last edition of NIGHT/Plovdiv festival. The exhibition is the result of almost 5-year effort on the part of the Bank’s employees, along with experts and restoration specialists, who made an inventory of, photographed and restored items from all branches of the financial institution. These initiatives take place on the occasion of UBB’s 25th anniversary, dedicated to traditions and innovations.

You can see the pieces from Inside UBB’s Vault, as well from UN/NOTED exhibitions on the official website of the Bank’s collection: www.ubbcollection.bg.