The journey of UBB’s UN/NOTED exhibition continues in Vidin town

The new stop along the route of the UN/NOTED exhibition is Vidin town. United Bulgarian Bank showcases the unique exposition in Nikola Petrov Art Gallery (in the park on the bank of the river Danube). The renowned and emblematic Bulgarian paintеrs – both classics and contemporary ones - have been presented to the broad public with their unknown artworks. The meticulous selection can be seen through to 30th September. The gallery’s working hours are Monday till Saturday from 9:00 AM until 05:00 PM, admission-free.

The UN/NOTED exhibition’s visitors may enjoy artworks of renowned Bulgarian painters, namely Haralampi Iliev, Zlatyu Boyandzhiev, Nikola Tanev, Hristo Kavarnaliev, Denyo Chokanov and others.

The exposition’s highlights in Vidin town are the canvasses of Haralampi Iliev and Ivan Hristov – both of them born in the Danubian town. „Harvest Time“by Haralampi Iliev, dated 1927, is among the first examples of panoramic landscape in Bulgarian painting art. Both works of Ivan Hristov, painted in 1938 – „Veliko Tarnovo“and „Lovech“ - particularly impress with their plasticity and rich colours, laid through a wide-span brush and intricate hues.

UN/NOTED is being realized on the occasion of United Bulgarian Bank’s 25th anniversary. The tour that has already been through Plovdiv, Sofia, Pernik, Montana, Ruse, Haskovo, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Pleven, Burgas and Stara Zagora, stands an original initiative of the bank and provides a unique opportunity to those towns’ residents and guests to enjoy true masterpieces of the Bulgarian painting art.

Valuable items and documents of UBB’s Collection can be also seen in the dedicated exposition Inside UBBs Vaultfrom 15th September until 14th October at Plovdiv Regional History Museum. Plovdiv residents and guests will be introduced to the history of the Bulgarian banking business in a new, so far unopened wing of the museum’s bulding. This event is a special highlight at NIGHT/Plovdiv 2017 Festival.